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It felt very authentic and lived. Plan your trip to Auning, get a personalized plan, a complete day-by-day itinerary based on your preferences. It was quite lovely, and Im sure it would have looked much prettier in June instead of the beginning of April. It was just there in the middle of it all. As I had mentioned, there was a small gift shop just as you walked into the entrance. There were many unique items that might have been hard to find anywhere else. It was near closing time, so we decided to hit the road, feeling pretty good for what we did and saw at Gammel Estrup.

There is also an exhibition depicting the conditions under which the servants and household staff used to live. From the pictures, it appeared to be much more spectacular in the summertime. Not knowing much else, we decided on a whim to pay the manor a visit to check it out. Manor House / The Museum, george was nice and allowed them the chance to race three or four times. Share, pin 6shares, have you ever taken a drive down a road and noticed a place that makes you wonder? It was quite impressive to see, so I was eager to check out the inside. When you were done, you could not only eat the egg, but also decorate the shell with paint.

My boys were happy with what we did at home, but I was very excited to do something from my Pinterest wish list, even if it was only vicariously through them. Det Grønne Museum / The Playground. 3, but it was his great-grandson, Eske Brock (1560-1625) who rebuilt and modernized the manor. Det Grønne Museum / The Kitchens. Even though we were in a modern building, they did a great job in making you feel that you were somewhere else, during another time. We'll find the best routes and schedules, book. They had staged it to have different sections to represent different aspects of farm life. Botanical Garden and the Chickens, not far from where we found the animals, we located a very nice botanical garden. George or whatever his name was began telling the kids about the game of Æggetrilning, which was apparently what the kids in the house did during Easter for fun. My little guy won finally and was happy, since his egg wasnt as lucky as the others until that final race.

The animals were very different from each other, being different breeds of sheep and goats, and we particularly liked the ones with curly horns. The staircase was winding, which caught the boys off guard. This made me happy, considering he remembered what George Washington looked like and that he picked someone from the correct time period. Those will need to be explored during our next visit. Return to the Kitchen and our Easter Eggs. There was a large room, just inside the entrance that was the childrens play area. They could roll the eggs down a platform to see which one went the farthest. Gammel Estrup The Danish Manor Museum Reviews. I just assumed it was my poor Danish skills that allowed me to hear the man incorrectly.

We noticed a doorway by the gift shop, and when we peeked in, we saw lots of farm stuff on the walls and inside the room. Just opposite of the garden was a building which was decorated for Easter, but it wasnt open that day. Past the gift shop, there was a room that looked like an old farm kitchen. The boys were very excited to participate in this. Lots of trees, flowers and plants. Preferences: October, attraction style: Popular sights, pACE: Medium 11 days in Denmark bser from south africa September, culture, relaxing, romantic, beaches, museums, popular hidden gems.


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